I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I entered the Army right after high school as a Paralegal. After retiring from the Army I worked as a Paralegal for the Army and, later, for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

After 20 years in the military, I didn’t really see myself staying at one job for another 20 years.  Besides, the three hours of daily commuting had gotten old.   I obtained my insurance license and got to work learning the business.

One day, I was riding my motorcycle when I got hit by a drunk driver.  I hit the windshield and was thrown over 20ft.

It was so bad that when one of the responding officers found out I was still alive a few days later, he was shocked.

I realized very quickly just how short life can be! I decided that I needed to find something that would give me more control over my time. I left my job at the FDIC and opened an insurance agency.  A couple of years later, I sold the agency and moved closer to my family in Florida.

In 2019, I got started in internet marketing.  While I found some success, most of the programs I was in depending upon methods that required spending money I didn’t have to try to get sales that may never come.  A lot of courses said “you must build a list” or “you must start publishing” without giving any real direction on how to do it.

This year, I found Partnership to Success.  While it also teaches you to build a list and publish a blog, it is the first program that I have found that tells you step-by-step HOW to do it.  This blog is a result.  

My hope is that you’ll follow me on this journey, learn from my experiences and that they will encourage you and help you to make own your dreams a reality.